Metodelogi Seminar Patpi Cabang Pontianak


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  2. The seminar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest research in the field of computer technology. It covers various topics related to computer technology, including the topic and purpose of the seminar, the presentation method, the participants, the facilitators, the interaction between participants, the facilitators, and the panelists, the effectiveness of the seminar, the quality of the material and presentation, the evaluation and feedback process, the relationship with other institutions or organizations, and the socialization of the seminar. The aim is to provide a constructive environment to enhance the quality of the presentation during the discussion. The seminar should be well-structured, engaging, informative, and relevant to the audience and the PATPI community. The discussion or commentary on the seminar methodology should provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic and its context, as well as constructive feedback to improve the presentation quality during the discussion.Abogado de Lesiones Personales Fairfax


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